MUN Botanical Gardens

This past weekend I was invited to visit the MUN Botanicals Gardens for their annual PINK days in Bloom. I remembered as a child going their not thinking much of the place. I guess as a child being told not to pick flowers, or run and stomp on the greenery surrounding me was a turn off. However, I must admit this time was a real treat!

The gardens of course are immaculately kept and beautiful, even if most of the flowers have not bloomed due to the wonderful spring we are having…. just a small hint of sarcasm. What was surprising was the wide range of plant species from all over the word. Im not even going to try to explain the beauty, I would never do it justice. I will however say that if your ever feeling blue this is the place to cheer you up!

The best part of the whole experience was while walking around the grounds the Forest Fairy stopped to take pictures with the kids. It was a great treat, and the young lady playing the part was wonderful… she was really in full character! The kids were entertained checking out the plants and watching the bumblebees, and its was a nice stroll for us parents.

Pro’s: beautiful easy walking trails, cafe, and great staff

Con’s: getting to the walking trail is a bit of a task with strollers





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