Baby’s First Flight!

A few months ago I decided to take my daughter to visit our family in Toronto, Ontario. Needless to say as soon as I booked the ticket the obsession of how my 6 month old daughter would behave on the 3 hour flight began. There was endless preparation, everything was planned meticulously right down to the thermometer and the rented car seat that awaited me at the terminal. And even though I had thought of every possible scenario I naively overlooked one key fact… there is such a thing as too much! Between the 2 types of grip water, 5 pacifiers, 10 diapers, 2 changes of clothes, toys, blankets, food, oh yes and the every so important first aid kit fully equipped with thermometer. I was so overwhelmed with stuff that the person sat next to me kindly found another seat, I felt terrible and relieved !

There were many things I quickly learned on that flight;

1) Just bring the basics; 1 favourite toy, have lots of milk, and most of all make sure you and your baby are comfortable… No need to dress up or have our baby with accessories like shoes that will just fall off. Next time I fly my daughter will be in a sleeper for sure!

2) Don’t worry about if your baby will cry, they most likely will. If you are really concerned that your crying baby will bother people take a day flight. In my experience the flight I took to Toronto was in the evening and I got many dirty looks, on the way back we took a mid-morning flight and folks on the plane were playful and kind with my daughters out bursts.

3) RENT your baby equipment when you travel! The less you have to bring the better! I chose Travelbug Baby  They had a wide range of equipment that was delivered prior to my visit so when my family picked me up everything was already set up and they was picked up after I left. It was so convenient and affordable, and Sheree the owner was a huge help!

Sophie visiting her Nanny i Toronto

Sophie visiting her Nanny in Toronto, Ont.

Check out for rental equipment in St. John’s, Newfoundland


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