Discover SunCare Sunscreen

This past weekend I was able to stop into the Artisans Market put off by Planned Parenthood. I never know what to expect with these types of markets so I always keep a bit of cash in my pocket just incase I stumble upon a gem. And wouldn’t you know it I did, a homemade sun screen called SunCare by St. John’s Soap Works. This inexpensve sunscreen boasts all benefits that moms are looking for; water resistant, SPF 30, kid safe, no toxins, no alcohols or acids no PABA, not to mention its made with shea butter, olive, vitamin E and coconut butter all for 10$ (1/2 the price Goddess Garden Sunny Baby Natural Sunscreen I’ve been using and twice as much!). After reading all the good stuff in SunCare I thought I better check out my sun sunscreen and realized quickly that I had no idea what I was putting on my skin and that many sunscreens are simply inadequate. I found an article from the 2014 Environmental Working Group  which outlines that most toxic sunscreens on the market today. Check out the top offenders, you might be surprised!

Don’t forget to check out MEC Happy Trials Hiking Pack! SunCare + Hiking pack = Happy Trails!

Check out St. John's Soap Works!

Check out St. John’s Soap Works!


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