Why Rent?

With Canada Day upon us families are packing up and heading out for their first outing of the summer! And really what a better province than Newfoundland to do it in! The icebergs are plentiful, the capelin is rolling and the wales are jumping. So much to see and do! And as a Mother, I understand that sometimes travelling with all your gear is simply impossible, which is why I started Go Baby Rentals. I wanted to provide another option to parents that took the stress out of getting to our beautiful province. Since opening I have so many parents tell me what a relief it was that this service is now being offered. However, on the other hand I have had a few say “we just borrow our equipment from our friends” or “I will buy some gear second hand when we get there”. And while these are both reasonable options for parents, I also feel it important that people visiting our province understand the laws and risks around using second hand car seats.


As of January 1st, 2012, new child restraint system and booster seat requirements became mandatory under the Motor Vehicle Restraint Systems and Booster Seats Safety Regulations. Also, car seats made prior to January 1st, 2012 cannot be sold, advertised or donated under Health Canada’s Canada Consumer Product Safety Act. I have taken great care to ensure your child safety by purchasing all equipment new, having equipment inspect before and after it is returned, and checking recalls on all our equipment regularly. This simply cannot be done when using second hand equipment.


Making your vacations memorable also involves making sure it is a safe one! Go Baby Rentals ensure that you are getting Safe, Convenient and Affordable equipment! Simply check out our online catalogue, book your equipment, and have it delivered! It couldn’t be easier! Go Baby Rentals also offers all stages of car seats for the best rates in the province! We offer both daily and weekly rental rates, and don’t forget to bundle your equipment for even more savings.


See you on the Rock!

email: michelle@gobabyrentals.ca


Call: (709) 770-6863


St. Anthony Ice Berg

St. Anthony Ice Berg


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