No need to blow it!

Experiencing the cuisine in a new city is always one of my favorite parts to a trip, and sometimes overdoing it is inevitable. Especially here in St. John’s with jigs dinner smothered in delicious homemade gravy, Fish and chips so fresh it latterly melts in your mouth and of course slabs of homemade fresh soft bread lathered up with eversweet butter. I mean come on, get it in ya! And if you are looking for a great place to dine check out Bacalao, authentic Newfoundland cuisine at its best!


But wait you don’t have to throw away all your hard work on a two week vacation! All those miles you ran and finally getting your daughter to eat her greens does not have to fly out the window.  The Real Food Market is St. John’s first organic grocery store that offers DELIVERY!!  It’s so simple, just go to the online store and place your order and have it delivered right to your door! They offer a great selection of organic and wholesome foods for the whole family. This service is perfect for the family renting a vacation homes in the St. John’s and surrounding area. Check out website for great recipes designed for all sorts of dietary needs! I suggest the vegan mac and cheese for those foggy days here in Newfoundland.


And for those parents wanting to keep on their stroller fitness regiments, Go Baby Rentals offers great rates on the Bob Sport Utility Strollers, take a nice stroll downtown or have a run in Victoria Park. For those that want to get a hike in on the East Coast Trial try our out MEC Happy Trails hiking pack! Maintaining that healthy lifestyle with your family couldn’t be easier!

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Check out Wild Horses in Portugal Cove, NF for the best Fish and Chips

Check out Wild Horses in Portugal Cove, NF for the best Fish and Chips

Vegan Mac and Cheese

Vegan Mac and Cheese

Hit the East Coast Trails with the MEC Pack

Hit the East Coast Trails with the MEC Pack


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