Baby’s first ride home!

Ill never forget the words my mom said to me when I left for the hospital to have my daughter,” you’re going in the hospital one person, and coming out a totally different one”. At the time I shrugged her off because I knew I had prepared, I was ready for this! But as we packed up my daughter in her car seat (incorrectly I might add), tuned the key in the ignition the and began to roll out of the hospital parking lot my once calm demeanour quickly disappeared and a overprotective mama bear was unleashed. It was as though my partner became the worst driver instantly, everyone on the road was a maniac and every bump felt as if that car was going fall to pieces (well that last one is actually no exaggeration for St. John’s roads).

Lets face it no matter how much you “prepare” for parenthood, you’ll never actually be. And even though we had the best car seat money could buy we had no idea how to buckle our daughter in it properly. After all the research I had done here are a few things I wish I had to know before taking my little girl home. Firstly, Kids in Safe Seats (KISS) is a great resource and taking one of their car seat safety clinics will only benefit you in the long run. Also check out Go Baby Rentals and try out some of the equipment before buy! Making sure equipment fits your lifestyle as well as your vehicle will take the stress out of those first few weeks trying get around with your little one. And remember to register your car seat for safety recalls, this is something so many parent forget to do! If your car seats are recalled no need to rush out and purchase a new one Go Baby Rentals offers great weekly rates and has an emergency drop off service!

Enjoy the ride!

car seat safety


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