Take the weight out of your travels

With this business I frequent the airport in St. John’s often and it never ceases to amaze me how enjoyable it is to watch families and friends reunite. I think the airport is arguably the one place where the most hugs occur! Seriously if you are ever feeling down on the human race, go to the airport for an hour and your doubt in humanity will soon be restored. From hugs and kisses to gentlemen helping with bags and holding doors, it is refreshing to see!


Unfortunately though there is also a downside to travelling sometimes. One I see all the time is exhausted parents travelling with their kids! Just yesterday I witnessed a family of 6 arrive after and obviously long flight. The few moments of glee from grandkids embracing their grandparents was adorable, but the look on the parents face was unmistakable (they needed a drink, a strong one!). Two strollers piled high with bags, trying to find their booster seats, scrambling to keep 4 kids in one spot and of course the dreaded lost carseat among the hundreds of others looking for their bags. All I could think was – geese you could of saved yourself a ton of trouble by simply renting your equipment and have it delivered! And yes, of course I am bias as an owner of a baby equipment rental company. But the fact is Parents can save themselves a ton of headaches and simply contact me at michelle@gobabyrentals.ca or call (709) 770 -6863 and Ill arrange all your equipment to be delivered right to you!


Take the weight out of your travels www.gobabyrentals.ca has what you need!

Take the weight out of your travels. www.gobabyrentals.ca

Take the weight out of your travels. http://www.gobabyrentals.ca


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