Working 9-5 aint no way to raise a baby…. YES IT IS !

Well I’ve done it, the transition from maternity leave – back to work. As many of you parents know already this transition can be difficult to say the least. From finding the perfect care for your child to ensuring that you are providing them everything they need all while punching the clock from 9-5. Going back to work can be stressful and even agonizing, I’m here to tell you as a parent you are going to feel every emotion and even some made up ones, every situation is different, but you can do it!

I began dreading my return to work date of September 6, oh well let see…. January 1st !… seriously I had basically ruined my entire mat leave by working myself into such a tizzy about leaving my daughter. I seriously considered quitting my job for at least 6 months, REALLY! I cried almost every day, thinking I was abandoning my daughter. I had myself convinced that no one, I mean no one could give her the care and nurturing she needed. And that is true, and my point to all you new parents. No one will ever replace Mom or Dad, NO ONE not even your child’s new care giver and your little babies know that.

I wanted to share my experience with you because all everyone kept on telling me was that I would be fine, my daughter would be fine, just give yourself time. And saying that to someone that has never gone through this before well simply put; meant nothing. The thing is it’s hard for some parents, and easier for others. Just like your child you will have your good days and your bad. Your house sometimes won’t be cleaned, and sometimes you will forget your child’s milk and sometimes, yes sometimes you will go to work with two different shoes on (my co-workers assure me it’s very common).

For me I imagined myself going back to work, weeping quietly in my cubical looking at pictures and videos of my daughter and ultimately getting fired…. In reality when I went back to work and it was hard, I did cry in my cubical and I did look at photos of my baby. I also started finding myself far more focused on my work, more efficient and more creative. My daughter cried every morning for the first month I dropped her off at daycare, it was heart wrenching. But when I picked her up she would literally run into my arms. YES I said RUN, in the first month at day care my daughter was walking and talking! I could see so much more confidence in her and how much fun she was having, something I simply could not provide to her if I was to stay home. Our routine has changed for the better; we talk the entire way home, we read and play all evening. I cook her supper, give her a bath and soothe her to sleep. My days are full and challenging in a good way.

I think for me I got caught up in “sweating the small stuff”. I want to be a great parent to my daughter and I just imagined that the only way I could achieve that was by staying home with her and making sure she had every minute, every meal and every activity of every day planned out by MOM… but the reality is you have to do what is right for your family may it be going back to work or not. Our family seems to be coping fine, well I still weep in my cubical from time to time (my co-workers assure me that’s common also). My best advice would be taking it day by day, minute by minute if you have to. Leave a few annual leave days if you can just to stay home with your child if you want to, if you need help ask for it.

All in all my transition back to work has been great! Please feel free to comment with your going back to work success stores and tips and trick for keeping sane! And don’t forget Christmas is around the corner contact for all the baby equipment you need while family is visiting!

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